Welcome to the website for the New Institutional Imperatives (nii) seminar series.

This seminar series provided a forum for academics and practitioners to debate the social, economic, and political imperatives facing Higher Education, and specifically the Third Mission. The seminars explored what the emergence and formalisation of the Third Mission has meant for contemporary universities and its prospects. With universities cited as the engines of today's knowledge society there is an ongoing need to develop a more nuanced and critical understanding by advancing research agendas and sharing of best practice. This website provides details of the seminars held.

Previous Events

You will can download presentations from the first seminars and watch webcasts of the speakers after each event and contribute to the debate through  the comment section on each seminar page

Events Write Ups

You can download brief overviews of the previous seminars in the series here. The write-ups provide a brief review of the event if you would prefer to read about it than listen to a pod/vodcast!