The Future of the Intellectual Project

Seminar Overview

This event will draw the themes of the four seminars together as the basis of an important transdisciplinary agenda for research and policy practice. The event will emphasise the interrelated nature of their themes and consider how their co-ordination is integral to the future of the Third Mission, and the future of the university. The seminar will consider the ways in which individual academics can continue intellectual projects within this new formulation of university governance. The concern for many academics, especially within the social sciences, is that the increased commercialisation of the university will lead to the marginalisation of theoretical and critical forms of knowledge. The session will explore the means by which Third Mission activities and intellectual projects are reliant upon one another; and how the Third Mission provides an institutional imperative to develop new forms of knowledge and their application, for which theoretical and critical understandings are central.

Professor Nick Petford
Vice Chancellor

University of Northampton

Rt Hon David Willets MP

Minister for Universities and Science

Professor Sir Tim Wilson

Former vice-chancellor of the University of Hertfordshire & Author of university-business collaboration review

Prof Mary Walshok

Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Program

UC San Diego

Prof Geoffrey Crossick

Director of the AHRC's Cultural Value Project & Former Vice-Chancellor

University of London