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Society and the Third Mission

Seminar Overview

Universities have increasingly been required by the state to fulfil a wider societal role to warrant continued public expenditure on higher education. However, even in times of financial austerity the societal demands upon universities are unrelenting, and arguably more important than ever. Whereas the notion of the entrepreneurial university may be conceived as a capitalist idea, the nature of  entrepreneurialism has been extended to include greater civic and community building roles. This seminar brings together a range of speakers with different perspectives on community and civic engagement to reconsider the societal role and expectations of universities.

Welcome from Prof Sir Robert Burgess

We were delighted that Professor Sir Robert Burgess, Vice Chancellor at the University of Leicester was able to open the second NII seminar in the series. Click on the video below to hear his opening comments...

Slides & Video Links

Sir David Watson

Principal of Green Templeton College

Professor of Higher Education Management

Ms Rachel Winzer

Research Director

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Prof John Holmwood

Professor of Sociology

University of Nottingham

text      video

Ms Alice Frost

Head of Business & Community

slides      video

Dr Paul Benneworth
Senior Researcher,
CHEPS, University of Twente

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Prof James Powell

Professor of Academic Enterprise,
University of Salford

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Dr Erinma Ochu

Director, Manchester Beacon

Science communication Research Fellow,

University of Manchester

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